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Hammam Rituals

Discover the pleasures of Nirvana Spa’s signature Hammam Rituals and enjoy the rich flavours of the Orient while relaxing in Nirvana’s exclusive Hammam room. This specially designed and dedicated private Hammam room consists of a luxurious heated bed with a Moroccan style steam cabin.

Moroccan Aqua Veda Bath

Going back to Hammam basics is what this treatment entails! Starting with steam, followed by a kassa scrub and finishing off with a foam massage.

The Niravana Spa Ritual

Sheer bliss for both mind and body. After deep cleansing, steam and exfoliation, a full body mask is applied, rich in minerals and trace elements. Leaving your skin breathtakingly soft and silky, your mind totally relaxed and your spirit, tranquil and serene.

Oriental Body Treatment

This treatment involves a full body mask of natural honey and Royal Jelly to nourish and delight the skin, before which a full cleanse and peel is performed to prepare the skin for this splendid mask. Your skin is left wonderfully soft & glossy.

4 Senses Journey

A delicious journey starting with a choice of 4 body scrubs (lavender, coffee, fruity and citrus), which double up as body masks followed by a relaxing facial massage, scalp massage and ending with a relaxing foot massage.  Pure indulgence!

Exfoliation, Body Rituals and Massages

Variation of Aromatherapy Body Scrub

You can choose your Aromatherapy Body Scrub with any of these four scrubs, orange, fula, coconut or lavender.

Scalp Massage

Back & Neck Massage

Working on those tension zones, this treatment will relax and calm the tension.

Reflex Foot Massage

A special cream is applied, which heals foot cracks, improves blood circulation as well as Diabetic feet.

Swedish Massage

This popular full body massage with invigorating oil helps to re-energize and relax you.

Nirvana Relaxing Massage

Brushes are used with a full body massage together with hot stones for the back only.

Hot Stone Therapy

Using heated Basalt stones, this massage induces deep relaxation. The heat from the stones relax the muscles and increase the blood flow to the area being worked on, which is said to further accelerate the healing process.  It is also claimed to aid in mental relaxation.

Aroma Massage

A light massage with aromatic oil for scalp and pressure points, helps to de-stress and restores the body's equilibrium.

Back Treatment with Exfoliation & Mud

Indian Style Massages

Abhyanga & Shirodhara Scalp Massage

This is a luxuriant and easy way to achieve instant calmness and rejuvenation with 4 hand massage. It is beneficial for stress, migraine, hair fall and other hair related problems, hormone balancer and insomnia.

Shirodhara Hot Oil Therapy for Scalp

It derives from two Sanskrit words, shiro and dhara.  Shiro means head and dhara means to flow. It involves the warm and consistent flow of aromatic oils on the forehead specifically on the 'third eye'.  This is the chakra point just above and between the eyebrows.  it is said to be the seat of human consciousness. The oils are allowed to flow over  the scalp and through the hair, creating a blissful sensation.

Facial Therapies

At Nirvana Spa, we have a unique methodology to treat and maintain healthy skin. After an in-depth consultation, we concentrate on specialist treatments that are specifically designed for your individual skin needs and concerns. Our therapists offer a comprehensive Skin Analysis, followed by expert advice on the treatments required. Finally, you receive treatments that are at the forefront of progressive techniques and technologies that offer proven results in restoring, reviving and regenerating your skin.

THALGO Product Range

Basic Purity Ritual

Deep Cleansing Facial for all skin types and ages, oily, dehydrated, dry and sensitive skin.  It is a foundation for all Thalgo treatments.

Hydra-Moisture Source Treatment

A truly hydrating, moisture treatment with active marine ingredients combined with a unique mask to fight dehydration, improve skin texture, and leaving skin feeling soft and radiant.

Thalgodermyl Treatment (acne & problem skin)

This treatment is especially for purifying acne and oily skin. It has been created to enable acne sufferers to regain a clean, healthy skin. It is tested and proven to control sebum/oil production, helps get rid off blackheads as well as infection, and generally refine the skin.

Oxygenating Treatment (Chrono Detox)

For women who are busy and do not have enough time for a facial. A purifying and oxygenating treatment for unnaturally pale, sluggish, polluted by stress and negative lifestyles skin.  This booster facial incorporate marine and plant proteins to replenish and nourish the skin, resulting in a natural healthy glow, the perfect city dweller facial.

Cold Marine Treatment

This treatment is recommended for sensitive, reactive skin with fragile capillaries, itchiness, redness and stinging skin.

Nirvana Express Facial

This facial includes cleansing ritual, exfoliation and relaxing massage.             

Teen Vogue Facial

Especially catered for young ladies, gentle cleansing with extraction and mask.









Crystal Peel

A mild peeling technique that uses a controlled stream of fine crystals, which are directed onto the skin's surface to exfoliate and stimulate new cell growth. Microdermabrasion is an excellent procedure for deep exfoliation, skin regeneration, and skin oxygenation resulting in a visible improvement of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven pigmentation and skin tone.


The Soli-Tone 2500 is the gold standard when it comes to regenerating and repairing the various layers of skin, the underlying muscle structure and dealing with all other related problems. A revolutionary system that combines multiple technologies for a complete, fast, powerful and non-invasive response for all skin conditions.

Age Management

No Needle Mesotherapy

A non invasive treatment using electrical waveforms to introduce active ingredients into the skin. Works on wrinkles and skin whitening.


A quick and effective light therapy treatment that does not interfere with your normal daily routine, repairing sun-damage found on the face, neck, chest and hands.


A non-surgical lifting treatment that uses low intensity micro-currents in 3 phases: cell and circulatory stimulation, muscle toning, and cellular regeneration.

Slimming & Weight Management

Lumicel Wave 6

The latest technology in fighting cellulite and breaking down fat. This multi faceted machine combines 3 different currents to achieve optimal results on problematic areas of the body.

No Needle Mesotherapy

A non invasive treatment using electrical waveforms to introduce active ingredients into the skin. These treatments for the body cover fat dissolving, anti-cellulite and lifting

Slim Concept

This sophisticated quality machine comes with 12 current type programs mainly working on cellulite, contouring, sport therapy, firming and facial toning treatments.

Metamorphosis Slimming Massage

It combines special drainage massage technique with essential oil to help eliminate water retention, increase the lymph circulation and redefine the silhouette.

Intensive Pulse Light (IPL)

Ellipse hair removal treatment offers clinically-proven, safe and effective long-term removal of unwanted hair.

Finishing Touches            
Crystal Peel
Hand & Foot Care

Nothing stays perfectly-groomed better than beautiful skin, meticulous cuticles and healthy nails. Spa manicures and pedicures go beyond trimming and polishing to provide deep moisture, gradual exfoliation and the most refined attention to detail.


Revitalising and nourishing treatment for dry hands, including nail & cuticle treatment finishing with a moisturizing hand and arm massage  to compliment your manicure.


A refreshing and luxurious "pick me up" for the feet beginning with foaming soak followed by an exfoliation, nail & cuticle treatment ending with a deeply hydrating foot and leg massage to leave feet feeling fully rejuvenated and nourished.

Nirvana Spa Manicure with scrub

Essential oils, vitamin E and antioxidants formulated to stimulate the senses as it smoothes, refines and conditions. Nirvana Spa Manicure will energize, refresh and lift spirits every time.

Nirvana Spa Pedicure with scrub

What about relaxing on a soft journey of warmth and tranquillity? Nirvana Spa Pedicure is designed to calm your senses while deeply moisturizing, exfoliating and soothing your feet with vitamins, minerals and moisturizing agents. Lavish your feet with the smoothing attention they deserve.

Solar Manicure

A cuticle treatment followed by a sweet almond and sea salt exfoliator for the hands and forearms and to finish with a luxurious Solar Silk hand and arm massage.



Nail Pic

Hand and Foot care


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