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Creative Nail Design

Top fashion designers around the world consider nails one of the hottest accessory must-haves!  Having beautiful nails to show off is a requirement for any true fashionista. With our revolutionary new color products nobody should have to sacrifice fashion & style. We have something for everyone and for every lifestyle. Express yourself and create your own look today.

Nothing says perfectly-groomed better than beautiful skin, meticulous cuticles and healthy nails. Spa manicures and pedicures go beyond trimming and polishing to provide deep moisturizing, gradual exfoliation and the most refined attention to detail.
The Signature of Excellence in Professional Skin Care
For more than 60 years, Sothys’ success in the luxury market has depended on it keeping faith with the values that have gone to make up its identity:

Concentration on investment in the Institutes of Beauty, the cradle and future of the brand.

Scientific advances in unique formulas developed in Research establishments combined with specific care and massage methods.

A deliberately top of the range approach which places the customer and her well-being at the heart of Sothys treatments.

Finally, a truly international vision with 15,000 points of sale in more than 110 countries!

Now, more than ever before, the basis of the drive of a family firm like Sothys is its ability to stay true to itself while at the same time providing new answers in the changing world of Beauty.

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